Satanic Kentucky is a “Friends Of” group of The Satanic Temple. While we do not officially represent The Satanic Temple, our members are followers of the Seven Tenets. While we are practitioners of Satanism, we do not worship a literal Satan nor believe in its existence. Instead, we hold Satan as a metaphorical figure who embodies our sincerely held beliefs, including but not limited to freedom from theocracy and tyranny, and bodily autonomy.

We are a religious organization, for and by Satanists. While we are not an activist organization, our members often see activism and political involvement in the same manner as various other religious participants.

Furthermore, while friends and allies who may not identify with Satanism as a religion are always welcomed, we ask simply that they abide by our rules and be respectful of the fact that they are amongst religious practitioners. Outside input, views, and experiences are always helpful however, as we are constantly striving for knowledge and truth.