Hello everyone, my name is Billy Bullhorn and I just wanted to provide a 2019 year in review for our
Satanic family here in Kentucky. What a year 2019 has been. Together we have completed our first full
calendar year as a friends of TST group and it feels great for me to look back on all the accomplishments
and milestones we have made in 2019. Going from 137 members to well over 500 is a big deal for this
bible belt red state. I want to personally thank everyone in the group for all the interaction, friendship and
family type atmosphere you all have made this to be a great year for us. We are proud to have organized
social meetups for our members throughout the state this year including Louisville, Lexington,
Elizabethtown, and Bowling Green.


The first few months of 2019 started off with a big jump in group interest due to the Hail Satan? a
documentary chronicling the rise of The Satanic Temple, we worked to add new members to join our
already great bunch of founding members to get things rolling with myself and Jami as co-organizers. Jami
and I put in a ton of work and hours setting up our Kentucky FoG knowing that once TN became a chapter
I would be on my own while she moved into the chapter head position at the TST Tennessee chapter. That
my new Kentucky FoG teammate. Jason and I
have been talking about Satanism in Kentucky, group building and goals from the start and I knew he was
the one I wanted to co-organize with me.

March is the month Jason and I became co-organizers and collaborators on group operations. I added

Jason because of his desire to help lead, compassion for a Satanic community and ideas and direction that
was in line with mine for the future of our group.

April was monumental as a Satanist, the IRS granted The Satanic Temple 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status as a

church in April. This marks the first time such recognition has been bestowed upon an international Satanic
t our legal standing as we move
forward in our various efforts to defend our rights in Kentucky.

June is the month Nay & Lex was added to our council, Nay is very passionate about our religion,

organisationally minded when it comes to the group’s rules, regulations and interworking and has proved to
be valuable and a great asset in our group’s community-building efforts. Lex showed us she is a level 90
wizard when it comes to group data, facebook insights and any other tech-related issues. In June, Jami,
Jason, Lex, Ney and myself had our first leadership meeting in Louisville and our first official friends of TST
meet and greet came a few weeks later in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. We had 18 in attendance.

We had a great turnout for a 2nd social meetup in August our Louisville with 27+ in attendance. This was

our breakout gathering as none of us expected this many Satanists would be interested in coming together
in Kentucky. We are still amazed by how many showed up and had a great time.

In September our Satanic Kentucky group The Religious Reproductive Rights Campaign

for the Satanic Temple with Kentucky raising nearly $1,000 in donations for this very important cause.
Satanic Kentucky was very proud to be included in this event and we are pleased to announce that TST
will be holding the rally to support our Religious Reproductive Rights Campaign at the Utah State Capitol
this spring! Anyone interested in attending as a group just let us know.

Our October social meetup in Lexington may have been a record-breaker for a 3rd group gathering with

45+ members on the sign-in sheet and 50+ in real attendance. This pot luck in the park attendance was the
largest of any Fog for a 3rd social that I am aware of. This was a super fun meetup in Jacobson park that
we would like to recreate again in 2020. Another milestone in late October was the launch of our
redesigned website at www.SatanicKentucky.com where you can find info on our Satanic Kentucky group,
meetup photos, TST campaigns, and membership info.

November & December were great as well, so much happened behind the scenes, the organizers have

spent countless hours talking to other FoG organizers, attending online meetups with TST leadership, and
planning for 2020. we introduced everyone to Mara Gorgo, Co-Chapterhead from Indiana who has been
assigned by the International Council to assist us in our goal of becoming a TST chapter. We are ending
our year with our 4th social meetup in Bowling Green KY at the White Squirrel Brewery which I can say
beforehand will turn out great knowing the members we have and the energy we bring to every Kentucky
social gathering.

Ave Satanas,

Billy Bullhorn
Satanic Kentucky
Kentucky Friends of The Satanic Temple