Bodily Autonomy

The Religious Reproductive Rights Campaign has ended with Kentucky raising nearly $1,000 in donations for this very important cause. Satanic Kentucky was very proud to be included in this event and we are pleased to announce that TST will be holding the rally to support our Religious Reproductive Rights Campaign at the Utah State Capitol this spring! Anyone interested in attending as a group just let us know.

As Matt Bevin continues his quest to outlaw abortion in Kentucky by denying a Planned Parenthood clinic an abortion license. EMW Women’s Surgical Center in Louisville is the last clinic providing abortions in the state of Kentucky and Gov. Matt Bevin is seeking to shut it down for good. This is something the U.S. Supreme Court has long ruled states cannot do.

Kentucky can fight back and show Matt Bevin that we do not approve of his attempts to rip reproductive decisions and rights from Kentucky women. We must all stand up against this desire to force motherhood on those that are fully capable of deciding for themselves what they do with their own bodies.

Join The Satanic Temple’s Fight for Religious Reproductive Rights by making a recurring donation for Kentucky. A rally will be held at the capital of the state who raises the most money. The winner will be announced after the campaign ends on Oct. 31, at 11:59 p.m. Once your donation has been made, Matt Bevin will receive a postcard informing them that, due to their actions, a donation has been made to TST in their name.


Satanic Kentucky is in no way affiliated with or linked to the Satanic Temple, we are a friends of group in Kentucky that fully supports the political efforts and beliefs of TST.

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